Monday, September 2, 2013

30 days hath September daily painting challenge

1. Fuchsias
30 Days hath September Challenge
18x24cm oil on canvas panel

I am taking part in Leslie Seata's blog challenge to paint a daily painting each day in September. I am already running behind and I haven't organised my self at all. I had family over all summer long and the last ones left yesterday.
I painted this quite quickly this morning to get me into the swing of things. I may do some more on this one later, but I am liking the effect.

I am not sure if I will do a theme or just go with the flow each day. I still have to catalogue my 101 garden series, and I am not even sure of how many I painted, but I do know that I improved as time went on and lost my fear of 'just going for it'.
It was fun to do, although frustrating at times.
Here are a couple of my garden 101 paintings

Pink Lavetera
18cmx24cm, oil on canvas panel

Sunny geraniums
18cmx24cm, oil on canvas panel
Hibiscus Syringia
18cmx24cm, oil on canvas panel


  1. I love the fuschia! I have a little mini painting of fuschia started and I think maybe you've inspired me to get it done today :)

    1. Deanna, I'm pleased that my painting has inspire you. Hope you finish yours.



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